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Sunbrella Shade Sails are an economical way to shade your deck or patio. More than ever, people are spending more time outdoors, and protection from the sun has become increasingly important due to the negative effects of the sun on the skin. Also known as Sun Sails, shade sails make beautiful additions to your patio, backyard, swimming pool, or outdoor living area, and they provide excellent protection from the sun and UV radiation. A shade sail is the perfect alternative to a traditional pergola or covered porch.

Floating and curvaceous, shade sails make an attractive addition to any property, and with the right design can enhance the existing property with flair and style.

These shade sails feature Sunbrella shade fabric. Sunbrella material is a solution dyed acrylic fabric specially designed to breathe and keep you cooler and more comfortable in hot weather. This state of the art material is water resistant and has a 10 year warranty against UV breakdown. It blocks up to 98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, yet it remains totally unaffected by moisture and natural temperature extremes. Shade sails are reinforced around the perimeter and have a stainless steel ring at each corner.

Note: Sunbrella material is water resistant, it must be mounted at an angle of at least 18-20 degrees to allow water run off.

Sail Shades are wonderfully versatile; they can be attached to homes, trees, or patio columns. In addition, they can be supported by wood posts or steel columns embedded in concrete footings, and they can also be taken down seasonally as required. Shade sails, when installed properly, do not sag or flap in the wind.

Product Options:

  • Shade Sails Design 7

    Shade Sails Design 7

  • Shade Sails Design 6

    Shade Sails Design 6

  • Shade Sails Design 5

    Shade Sails Design 5

  • Shade Sails Design 4

    Shade Sails Design 4

  • Shade Sails Design 3

    Shade Sails Design 3

  • Shade Sails Design 2

    Shade Sails Design 2

  • Shade Sails Design 1

    Shade Sails Design 1

Available Colors:

  • Sunbrella Terra Cotta

    Sunbrella Terra Cotta

  • Sunbrella Toast

    Sunbrella Toast

  • Sunbrella Natural White

    Sunbrella Natural White

  • Sunbrella Pacific Blue

    Sunbrella Pacific Blue

  • Sunbrella Forest Green

    Sunbrella Forest Green

  • Sunbrella Jockey Red

    Sunbrella Jockey Red

  • Sunbrella Taupe

    Sunbrella Taupe

  • Sunbrella Beige

    Sunbrella Beige