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Bulk Aggregate & Mulch Delivery

Need some soil and mulch to finish your flowerbeds?  Maybe some gravel and sand for your new patio project?

StonePlace can drop off your aggregates, soils and mulches in convenient one (1) yard bulk bags.

You can also pick up a few of our empty bulk bags to use to dispose of dig out materials (soils, concrete, yard waste) or for household waste.   We can pick that up at the same time.

Need more than just a few yards of material?   Ask about our bin service….we can dump the contents or leave the bin for you to empty at your own pace and you can fill it with waste or dig our materials for us to pickup.

A $10 bag deposit applies for bulk bags delivered and is refundable upon their return. Bags used for waste removal cost $20 and are not refundable.

Plan your very own Street Party!

It is simple:

  1. Invite up to 5 neighbours on the same street as you (within 15 house distance) who require mulch, soil or decorative groundcover. Total order can be a maximum of 14 yard bags combined.
  2. Each of you will submit your order on the Street Party Order form.  We will contact each household and arrange for payment.
  3. Share in the delivery charge and all of you save $$.

Order Now!


Street Party Order Form

Number of Bags Required:

Please submit all "street party" orders at the same time using one page per order.
We will contact each customer to collect payment prior to delivery.
Bag deposit of $10 per bag is required..
Delivery fee of $150 will be evenly split between orders.
All orders can total a maximum of 14 bags combined to be dropped on same street within a 15 house distance.

*Terms and Conditions:
Where delivery slip is not signed at time of delivery, Purchaser shall dispute same within 24 hours.
Use of delivered products or bin constitutes acceptance of product and terms by Purchaser.
All bulk bags are final sale. StonePlace will replace broken or defective product delivered but will not be liable for labour or any other costs.
Deposits on pallets or bags are refundable upon return of same to StonePlace within 6 months and proof of payment.
All deliveries are unloaded curbside adjacent to delivery truck. Delivery beyond curb is done at customer's risk and responsibility. Driver
has right to refuse delivery if deemed unsafe. Purchaser is responsible for fines for product placed per their request