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Stone Cutting & Drilling

StonePlace offers custom cutting and drilling of concrete products.


Don’t want to spend $80 to rent a saw? Simply mark your stone with a permanent marker where it is to be cut and bring it in and we will cut your stone for a small fee with the proper equipment. The StonePlace uses professional grade wet saws with diamond tip blades to give you the most precise and best quality cut available.

Depending on how busy we are at the time that you arrive and how much cutting you require, we may ask that you leave the stones with us for a few hours.  Often we can cut the stones whiles you wait.   Safety is our first priority so some awkward or very large stones may not be able to be cut.

stone cutting and drilling at stoneplace Kitchener Cambridge ontario canada


StonePlace also offers custom drilling of pavers and walls for integrated landscape lighting.  Consider adding low voltage lighting to your walls, walkways and steps for safety.  The possibilities are endless!