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Paving and patio stones are the foundation upon which your backyard dreams are built.

Over the past few years, Canadian homeowners have been getting reacquainted with their outdoor living spaces. This reintroduction to their backyards, patios and garden spaces has left many with the feeling that their outdoor living spaces are in serious want of TLC. With more and more families opting for the ‘staycation’ and embracing the idea of creating a livable, workable oasis at home, many homeowners are looking for ways to update, upgrade and re-envision the livable spaces they have. All eyes have turned to the patios, courtyards, decks and pool areas as a way of creating more livable space. This idea of bringing the indoors out, has been a trend for some time now. As with all design projects, the goal is to make an outdoor patio as practical, comfortable and aesthetically aligned with the rest of the home as possible. With that comes decision about how to divide different backyard areas into places for lounging, eating, playing and, possibly, working. This brings to mind comfortable seating with fire pits, outdoor kitchens, bars, pools, and dining areas. The backdrop to all this wonderous outdoor potential is the flooring. Patios, courtyards, arbors, outdoor kitchen and dining areas, and poolside lounging all rest upon the unsung hero - paving and patio stone. The right outdoor paving and patio flooring is single largest square footage of design you’ll likely invest in. It sets the mood and tone for your backyard oasis. But it’s often the last consideration for homeowners when it comes to designing their outdoor living space. Why? Because it’s flooring. It’s not really that sexy, right? You’re so wrong! Today’s myriad options of outdoor paving and patio stone offers a plethora of inspiration and design directions never before seen. From sleek, sophisticated outdoor porcelain slabs, to the bold tones and textures of natural stone, homeowners can create a stunning outdoor living area they will love for years to come.

Choose the perfect patio paving stone for your outdoor oasis.

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Picking the right patio paving materials is a crucial part of planning your alfresco living area. There's no escaping the fact that patio stones have a huge impact on the look and feel of a space. And, there are practicality issues to think about too. Your choice of patio stone may look gorgeous when first installed, but is it practical to maintain in a multi-use space?

Whether you're updating your current patio with a fresh new look or adding a brand new area entirely to serve your needs, there are no shortage of design ideas to embrace and the hardscaping materials to make it happen.

With the variety of patio paver materials, sizes, styles, colors and textures, they truly are one of the most versatile materials out there. Patio pavers can likely work for your home no matter your style or budget.

We've brought together some of our top patio paving ideas below to help inspire you on your journey. Enjoy!

Rich and delicious natural stone flooring fits right in.

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The natural stone look is an instant upgrade to the classic look you’re designing. You can’t help but imagine the texture of these patio stones beneath bare feet.

Incredible advances in manmade patio stone and pavers has given us patio slabs that look and feel like the real thing. Design to mimic the aesthetic of natural stone, this man-made version comes with added durability and long life.

Just like brick, natural stone can crack from weather or weight over time. With continued exposure to outdoor elements and foot traffic, natural stone can wear. Concrete stones are designed to resist icing, salt, and can withstand years of harsh freeze-thaw climates.

Showcasing an array of colours, these natural stone look patio pavers offer complete versatility in design!

Man-made stone slabs were designed for real life.

natural look patio stone | StonePlace Hardscape & Landscape Supplier, Showroom, Expert Advice

With their large scale and straight, clean lines, these modular and modern patio slabs will keep your outdoor living areas sleek and sustainable.

These unique slabs and pavers are perfect to mix and match with other hardscaping materials, ensuring perfect harmony and stand-alone presence. Designed to fit an urban, modern look and feel, the monochromatic colours and granulated finish fit comfortably with a easy going and casual design aesthetic.

Long live the brick embossed pavers.

monochromatic patio stone | StonePlace Hardscape & Landscape Supplier, Showroom, Expert Advice

Nothing matches the versatility and classic style of brick pavers and patio stone. And there’s nothing better than a brick look stone paver that can survive our harsh Canadian climate!

Traditionally made brick isn’t actually that durable over time. In fact, exposure to harsh freeze-thaw climates, heavy furniture and foot traffic can easily crack them over time.

The new brick lookalike paver brings you that traditional look and feel, without the vulnerability. These new brick pavers are durable and design friendly, showcasing a variety of colours to suite any design palette.

The better than wood composite deck you didn’t know you needed.

brick lookalike patio pavers | StonePlace Hardscape & Landscape Supplier, Showroom, Expert Advice

Bring back those sweet memories of summers at the lake, feet dangling dockside, fires in front of the cottage, warm summer nights watching stars spin wildly over head. Nothing evokes a sense of peace, quiet and one-ness with the out of doors than wood.

Wood patio and deck flooring has been the material of choice for years, but it’s not without it’s challenges. Which is where composite decking comes in!

In the spirit of bringing a wood look and feel back to our urban areas, homeowners now have a patio slab that is almost indistinguishable from real wood. Composite decks and manmade materials are less likely to crack, splinter, rot, or warp, so they won’t suck up time and money associated with upkeep.

Virtually maintenance-free, long-wearing and sustainable, composite wood patio flooring comes in four fantastic colors, to give you complete flexibility in design.

The timeless appeal of travertine pavers.

composite wood patio pavers | StonePlace Hardscape & Landscape Supplier, Showroom, Expert Advice

The use of travertine in your outdoor hardscape design has an almost uncanny ability to transport you to a place of serenity and grace. It seems to flow seamlessly into any environment, and elevates a chosen design rather than dominate it.

It’s for these reasons that travertine is one of our favourite patio stones and slabs. Modern travertine patio slabs mimic the texture of natural travertine, but is much more durable. The Techo-Block line of travertine is imbued with their Klean-Bloc technology for added protection against stains, scratches and color fading.

Perfectly designed to withstand the elements, years of wear and freeze-thaw environments, the travertine line of patio slabs and pavers is perfect for all your outdoor designs, including poolside. The rounded edges of each stone slab makes it easier and more comfortable to enter and exit the pool, and keeps kids from scratching themselves on rough edges!

The Bali Travertina Raw by Techo-Block comes in three distinct colours, to fit any design aesthetic.

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