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StonePlace Products

Armour Stone

Originally used to shield shorelines and riverbeds from the constant onslaught of moving water, armour stone emanates strength and power as well as elegance and beauty. These massive stones are perfect for use in retaining walls or as the focal point in a garden or other landscape design. Making both a statement and an impression of power, armour stones are a magnificent choice for any landscape.

What Does Armour Stone Weigh?

To estimate how much an armour stone will weigh, based it off a stone that is 3′ x 2′ x 2′ = 2200lbs

Larger armour stone is available upon request.   Custom cubed pieces are also available by quotation.

Armourstone Colours Available:

The StonePlace has three distinctive colours available for you to choose from.

Eldorado Chocolate Limestone

A beautiful, rich, durable stone coloured with warm earth tones of rich brown, terra cotta and taupe.  These beautiful brownish earth tones are also accented with with hues of mocha, tan and salmon allow this products meld effortlessly with the natural environment in any landscape.

Orillia Limestone Armourstone

Blending shades of light and dark greys with buff undertones that mix together to create a natural yet bold colour that accents many different landscapes.  Available in Random or Cubed armour stones.

Flamboro Dark Armourstone

Cat’s Eye streaks of rich olive brown liven up and warm the dark smokey grey of this amourstone for stunning results.

Available Colors