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StonePlace Products

Landscape Rocks & Boulders

Nothing can compare to the feeling of peace and clarity you get from a deep breath of fresh mountain air, but you can get a little bit closer to it right at home.  Rock gardens have been used throughout Asia for more than a thousand years as a way to relieve stress and reconnect mind body and spirit with nature.  The StonePlace has a variety of rockery available for you to create your own zen space right at home.

Mossy Rock
Grey Limestone with moss, holes and lines. Each rock is unique in size shape and texture.  The rocks are ideal for areas that have shade for part of the day so that the moss does not die.

Caramel Cream Marble
Medium buff in colour, this marble is swirled and streaked with rich and deep earth tones.  It is available in 1-2 man sizes (i.e. it takes 1-2 people to lift the stones).

Rose Valley Marble
A beautiful pink stone with orange, salmon and purple grey marble banding, this stone mimics the beauty of a late spring sunset.  This marble is available in 1-2 man sizes (i.e. it takes 1-2 people to lift the stones).

Random Waterfall Rock – Lined
This rock is a mix of light grey and some earth tones, with striations on the face.  It is available in various widths and lengths.

Random Waterfall Rock – Wavy
Similar to the glacier rock, this rock is approximately 4″ thick and is white in colour. There are unique holes and textures that create excellent places for water to travel when building a waterfall.

Glacier Rockery
Distinct lines, stark colouring and naturally wavy top create a rustic but graceful look in this stone. This stone is available in sizes 15″ to 28″ thick, with various lengths and widths.

Available Colors